duminică, 12 aprilie 2009

Dovlecei umpluti cu branza / Cheese on board

4 dovlecei
2 fire ceapa verde
200 gr branza telemea
50 gr branza de vaci
sare, piper, boia
100 gr smantana

Dovleceii se spala bine si se taie cate o felie din coaja. Se scobeste interiorul in asa fel incat sa ramana capetele, sa nu curga umplutura. Se spala din nou si se aseaza cu scobitura in jos pe un servet. Bucatile de dovlecel fara seminte ramase se toaca marunt si se calesc in putin ulei de masline cu ceapa verde. Se lasa sa se raceasca, iar apoi se amesteca cu branza rasa. Se adauga o lingura de smantana si se condimenteaza. Se umplu dovleceii si se coc la cuptor aproximativ 30 de minute, pana se inmoaie dovleceii si umplutura se rumeneste. Se servesc cu smantana.


4 zucchinis
2 green onions
200 gr salty cheese
50 gr ricotta
salt, peper, paprika
100 gr cream

Wash zucchinis very well and cut a vertical piece of each. But be careful, you shouldn’t cut the head and the end of it. Then carve it deeply discarding its inside. Do the same for all zucchinis.
Fry the mince remaining parts parts and the green onions, and then mix them well with the chesse. Season to taste. Put 2 tsp butter inside each zucchini and then fill them with the cheese mixture.
Put it in oven and cook them until their top becomes a little brown (about 20 or 30 minutes).
After they cook, you can garnish them with sour cream.

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